Services provided


  1. • Blanking
  2. • Bolt holes
    • Corrugating
    • Rolling
    • Shearing
    • Slitting
    • Welding and more.


  1. • Anodizing
    • Chromate finishes
    • Degreasing
    • Painting
    • Polishing
    • Powder coating and more.


  1. • Assembly
    • Bar coding
    • Custom labeling
    • Custom packaging

Our core competence lies in the production and sales of perforated sheet.

Related Services

Including Bolt-Holing, Notching, Rolling, Welding, Powder Coating, Leveling, Bending, Painting, Slitting


Punching, press brake, punch press, circle shear, and spot welding operations are done for products requiring extra holes, notches, mounting tabs, forming, bending and cutting.


When tolerances are greater than our in-line process our skilled operators shear parts with or without margins to +/- 1/32".


At Legends, we work with our customers to define and pecify the unique requirements of your orders; margins, tolerances, material... you name it. Understanding the details of what you need — and what you need it for — enables us to provide you with quality, cost-effective products that progress from order entry, to warehouse, to shipment — accurately and efficiently.

Our perforating presses convert raw material from coil or sheet into perforated sheets or parts. We can process coils up to 50" wide, or plate up to 1" thick can be processed to manufacture finished products with perforations of varying shape, size and spacing — depending upon your custom requirements.

We have the flexibility to perforate many types of materials, in thicknesses from foil to thick plates.

In Round, Square, Hex, Slotted & Decorative Patterns. Coils To sheets With Perforations of Size, Shape & Pattern To Specification provided. Shearing, Stamping Capabilities.


The perforating process starts by designing and machining precision tools to exacting tolerances.

Legends, makes all its own tooling with CNC machinery, Tooling for special requirements can be built to order.