In these times of increasing graph of crime and theft, adequate security assumes vital and crucial Importance. To secure your premises you need bevy duty fencing system. That is where you need the expertise of LEGENDS INDIA WIRE PRODUCTS. Its state of art customized hi-security fencing options are designed as per prevailing international standards and to provide security solutions to a diverse range of application like industries, farm houses or residential complex. Use in CONCERTINA COIL, BARBED WIRE, RVT WIRE, CHAIN LINK, PUNCHED TAP, PVC WIRE FENCING.


Razor Strip Barbed Tape is available in short; medium and long barbed form barriers and can effectively utilized as an extra at the time of installing any barbed tape concertina and also can be used in place of the conventional barbed wire. On the top of the regular fence, the strip can be installation in 4-6 lines, which makes a very effective barrier and is also extremely economical. Inner Wire Size 12 SWG And Punched Tap 0.5mm. One Coil Cover 100 Meters Are. Weight Of One RVT Coil With Packing 8.400gm to 8.500gm.

Barbed Wire

  • Barbed Wire Manufacture By 12 SWG, 13 SWG, 14 SWG
  • Barbed at 4 inch
  • Two Point Barb Wire

    Barbed Wire 12x12 Wt. in Per 1kg Cover 20 ’Feet Area
    Barbed Wire 12x14 Wt. in Per 1kg Cover 25 ’Feet Area
    Barbed Wire 14x14 Wt. in Per 1kg Cover 31 ’Feet Area
    Barbed Wire 12x12 Wt. in Per 1kg Cover 31 ’Feet Area

Concertina Coil

Punched Tape Concertina coil can be easily retracted and stored vertically or horizontally. The coil when laid, look like a continuous spring. The arrangement provides protection against intrusion by human and beasts. Total running length of wire in a 1050 mm coil is approx.167mtrs. After lying the effective coil length is approx. 8 to 10 meters. And the width of apporx.980mm each. Each 1050mm coil is provided with two pairs of handles for easy handling and lying.

Thickness of The Spring Core  GI Wire   


2.50 +

Thickness of The Tape Punched Tape


0.5mm +

No of Clips per Coil 


125 to 127 Clip  (3 to 5 Clips per Circle)

No of Circles per Coil 


50 to 60 Circle of Wire per Coil.

Running Length


There is 6 Mtrs. Running Length of Per Coil as per BIS standard.
 (1 Running Mtrs. = 15 Mtrs. to 16 Mtrs.)

Packing Detail 


Packed in Woven Hessian Sacks  of in  500 -700 gm

Size Of Concertina Coil


450mm/610mm/750mm/1050mm or As per buyer Requirement

Coil Weight 


Concertina Coil Weight With Packing 8.400Kg To 8.500Kg 610mm or 2 ft

RBT Size


12 SWG (2.5mm & 2.60mm)

Razor Blade Sheet Thickness



Zinc Coating       (Razor Sheet)


80 GSM/120GSM/230GSM/275GSM (As per requirement)

Blade Details


10 mm to 15mm

Chain Link Fencing

  • Chain Link Mesh Size 2 inch x 2 inch, 3 inch x 3 inch, 4 inch x 4 inch
  • Chain Link Fencing Height Size As Per Customer Requirements
  • 1Sq Feet 12g .170gm to .190gm
  • 1Sq Feet 3mm .275gm to .280gm
  • 1Sq Feet 4mm .470gm to .480gm

Difference between Barbed wire & Concertina Wire

Sr. No. Barbed Wire Concertina Wire
1. Wire Size 12 x 12 Gage. Wire Size 12 Gage.
2. Barb on 4” inch (100 mm). Barb on ¾” inch (19 mm).
3. Cutting Easy by pliers. Not cutting easy by pliers.
4. Hot Dip Galvanized Wire. Wire Hot Dip Galvanized Wire.
5. Man & Animals Easily cross on the wire. Man & Animals cannot cross wire.
6. Low security. High security.
7. Man & Animals are easily touching it. If any person or Animal touches the wire they could be angered their body & loss their blood.
8. Every person touches this wire again & again. Every person never touches this wire in future.
9. This wire used only Seven States in INDIA. Most of all states are use concertina wire & also use in other countries for high security.
10. This wire only use for farmers for their farms. This wire use any type of industries, Airports, rice sellers, Jails, Hospitals, Army, B.S.F. , Institutes, Railway Etc. for security purpose.
11. Use Material Galvanized M S.WIRE. This is High Tensile Wire.
12. Weight of Wire 15.500kg in  325’ Weight of Wire 8.700kg in  325’

Picket Angles

We Are Manufacturer Any Size Of Picket Angles And any Drawing Of angles For Wall Fencing. We Also Manufacturer Gate Of Iron Pipe/Iron Angles.