The result of uneven pressure caused from producing perforated material with different size side margins (S1 > S2),camber is measured as the deviation of the side edge from a straight line. Always expressed in 8 feet, the formula for determining camber is:

The magnitude of the deflection (D) depends on the length, width, thickness, open area, type of material, and the difference in the width of the side margins (S1 and S2). For sheets that are sheared, camber refers to the deviation of the perforated pattern from the side edge of the material (S3 and S4). For the straightest perforated pattern, side margins should be kept the same size.

The following chart shows the maximum amount of camber for metals after perforating and shearing when side margins are equal. For camber tolerances on patterns where side margins are not equal, consult us at or our Customer Service No +91-98-6888-HOLE (4653).

Material Length Legends India Legends Superior
Up thru 4' .062" *
Over 4' thru 6' .098" *
Over 6' thru 8' .140" *

* Tighter camber tolerance may be possible with special production controls. To find out if it is possible for your application, consult our Customer Service Department. REMINDER: Unless specified, Legends India standard tolerance will be applicable.